LANDs Development
The Sandbox will start releasing high-quality experiences in their LANDs starting in Q1 2022. We want to start building as soon as possible to be one of the first innovators on this amazing platform.
Our goal is to destinate most of the funds of the community wallet into the purchase and development of the LANDs for the Country Club, thus assuring a high-quality product for our holders.
Considering mint details of our CCC NFT collection, we are preparing short, mid, and long-term scenarios for the development of the Country Club. Considering current market prices of LAND, and quotes from professional Voxel Studios in the development of these LANDs we have established the following projections:
Mint % requirement
Fully developed LANDs
6 months
1 year
2 years
The time estimation for the development of 1 LAND is approximately 4 months. However, multiple LANDs can be developed in parallel, so we are expecting to deliver our first batch of LANDs by Q3 2022.

Beyond the long-term vision:

These projections were made taking into account only the proceeds from the collection sale. We still plan to increase the amount of LAND in the Country Club with the income from:
  • Gambling zones commissions.
  • Entry fee from the Gaming Zones.
  • Royalties.
  • Future investors.
The delivery date of our LANDs is subject to the release times of The Sandbox metaverse, as well as the validation process of our experiences on their platform.